An Interview With Thermomix Blogger Nikalene Riddle From Skinnymixers

Nikalene Riddle

Nikalene is a mum of two trying to lose her pregnancy weight by eating grain free and cooking healthy recipes in her Thermomix. I think that Nikalene is very brave to be sharing her weight loss journey with the world but she does an amazing job and she has a massive online community who supports her. Nikalene recently won the Influencer Award at this years AusMumpreneur Awards. This is an outstanding achievement that she should be very proud of.

A Little Taste Of IndiaNikalene creates tasty, grain free Thermomix recipes both on the Thermomix Recipe Community as well as on her personal blog: Skinnymixers She also has has an Indian cook book called A Little Taste of India and she is planning to release a few more cook books in the near future.

Sia and NikaleneI had the pleasure of meeting Nikalene at the Problogger Event this year and I used the opportunity to ask Nikalene a few questions about her Thermomix.

Here is the interview:

When did you first get your Thermomix?

I got my TM31 Thermomix in 2013 for Mothers day, as a surprise from my husband and Mum. I then got my TM5 soon after the new model was launched.

How often do you use your Thermomix?

I use my two Thermomixes at least twice a day – usually its 3-4 times a day if the kids are at school and I am recipe developing.

SkinnyMixer's LCHF Chicken KievWhat is your favourite recipe?

This is a really difficult question, its like asking a mother who their favorite child is! At the moment, I am loving the LCHF Chicken Kiev recipe, its really delicious and you can fill it with an endless list of different ingredients to reinvent it. Its also a great way to stretch a small amount of chicken quite far.

What question do you get asked the most on your blog?

Probably one of the most common question is whether a recipe can be frozen or not. We also get asked about substituting ingredients a LOT!

Pretty much anything can be frozen, but we get asked about freezing dairy a lot. Any curries which have cream in it can freeze fine. It’s important to cool your food completely before freezing, and its also really important not to refreeze defrosted meat. Following these two rules will ensure you don’t get food poisoning.

What is your best advice for someone who just purchased a new Thermomix?

My best advice would be to jump on Facebook and join the biggest groups (Skinnymixers, Thermobexta, Cooking with Tenina and Thermomumma). Until I joined a facebook group, I was so overwhelmed with my machine and I barely used it.

Everyone is supportive and friendly, you’ll get lots of quick advice and being able to see photos and stories of what other people are cooking with their machines is great for inspiration.

You can follow Nikalene and her SkinnyMixer’s weight loss journey on these social networks:






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