Breastfeeding Tops For Nursing Mamas

Nursing Mamas Breastfeeding Tops

An exciting package arrived in the mail today and I couldn’t wait to open the box. I made my first vlog style product review and you can watch it by clicking on the play button in the video below. When you watch my video you will see the new nursing tops that I ordered from Nursing Mama… as well as my baby Ari who got the hiccups during filming.

I found Nursing Mama on Instagram a couple of weeks ago and I fell in love with the unique feeding design. I ordered 4 of my favourite colours straight away and then I shared the web links with all of my mothers groups online. So many of my girlfriends were also looking for some nice feeding tops and a few of them placed an order too. I think that this new brand has filled a need in the market place. We mamas need more colourful, practical, comfortable and affordable feeding tops!

Nursing Mama - 5 Colours

The Nursing Mama Feeding Tops Come in 5 Gorgeous Colours:
1. Black – Fearlessness in Black
2. Grey – Balance in Charcoal Grey
3. Blue – Tranquility in Royal Blue
4. Green – Calmness in Teal
5. Yellow – Radiance in Yellow (not featured in the video)

The feeding singlets are made from bamboo and they are soft to touch. The sizes are standard Australian sizes but the material is stretchy.

Nursing Mama - Yellow

I didn’t get yellow because yellow never looks good on me but I really like that colour too! It would be great to have some more colour options as well as some more styles. A winter option with long sleeves would be awesome. However these ideas are not available for purchase… just yet.

Nursing Mama plan to grow their product line to include more of what I just mentioned  if there is enough of a demand for it from mums like us. So if you have any suggestions on what you would like to see, please tell me in the comments. I’ll pass on all of the comments to Doan the owner and creative designer of Nursing Mamas. I’m sure that she will appreciate your feedback.

Nursing Mama Box

I really love my new feeding tops and I want to support Doan’s new business venture and help them to grow. So if you would like to purchase any of these gorgeous new feeding tops, be sure to mention that you heard about it here on Sia’s Place.

Use my promo code when you place your order and Doan will take good care of you.


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