15 Reasons To Pick Up The Phone And Call Your Client

Pick Up The PhoneDo you pick up the phone and call your clients?

I do, but only if I have something of value to offer!

High Pressure, Pushy Sales Calls Is Not My Style

I hate the idea of systematically calling people just to try to make a sale. It doesn’t feel right to me. The high pressure, pushy kind of sales call is really not my style. I don’t like receiving those sorts of calls from other people so I certainly don’t want to do it to my clients.

Chat Like You Would At A Dinner Conversation (With A Bottle Of Wine)

I don’t want my clients to feel like they are obligated to buy something from me when I call. If they feel like this type of “pressure” then there is a high chance that they wont answer the phone anyway. Instead, I try to tailor my conversations to make them more relevant to the person that I am speaking to. My clients are my friends and I want to have a positive relationship with them. I want to stay updated with whats going on in their lives and I want to help them find solutions to their problems. Our phone chats should sound more like a dinner conversation with a bottle of wine on the table rather than a pitch.

A Strategy To Use For Follow Up Phone Calls

During a Zoom training session with a few of my fellow Thermomix Consultants I shared a new strategy that I have been using for my follow-up calls. I write down a list of all the things that are happening in the world of Thermomix and then go through the list with my client. I tell my client that I have 15 new promotions/things to tell them about, but I also say that I don’t want to waste their valuable time. I will quickly rattle off the list and if there is anything they want more information about, then we can discuss it in more detail. Here is my July list:

  1. Step-A-Thon: Promoting Fitness & Health For Kids
  2. Kids Cooking Competition – Win A Thermomix
  3. Get A Bag For Your Thermomix – Offer Has Been Extended
  4. New Host Reward – Oven Mat
  5. Triple Treats – Purchase a Thermomix at your demo and you will receive a ThermoServer, ThermoMat & a bag for your Thermomix for $50 (Bargain!)
  6. Indian Cooking Class
  7. Something For Everyone Cooking Class – Great For Family Cooking
  8. Owners Morning Tea – An invitation will be sent to you
  9. 101 Custard Flavours To Make In Your Thermomix
  10. Everyday Cook Book – Updated since the TM31 and now comes with a chip!
  11. Free Ebooks – Comming soon
  12. International Basic Cook Books Now Available – Spanish, Italian, Polish, French, German & Greek
  13. New Meal Planning Program on the Recipe Community
  14. Monthly Resource Files – I will be starting this in August
  15. Help Me Get To ThermoFest!

The client can pick and choose which topics are relevant to them. I will skim past the stuff they are not interested in and discuss topics that are actually relevant or that offer value.

Different Topics Appeal To Different People

Everybody is at a different stage in their Thermomix journey so naturally different topics hold different amounts of value to each person. Some of my clients may already own a Thermomix and so they might be interested in getting the travel bag at a discounted price or learning more more about the new recipe books and recipe chips. Other clients may not be ready to buy their Thermomix yet but they might like to get their kids involved in the cooking competition and to try and win a Thermomix. The Step-A-Thon is a program that some of my clients may have already heard about from their local primary school. I think it’s really nice for parents to know that Thermomix is an official partner of such a great fund-raising initiative that is run by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institution. My clients may like to register their own children in the Step-A-Thon or just more information about how to donated money to the cause. Other clients may just be looking for cooking inspiration! That type of conversation is always lots of fun because as Consultants we have heaps of great recipes to share 🙂 It Is Your “Job” To Educate Your Clients There is so much happening in the world of Thermomix and it is all really exciting stuff. Making a phone call is not always about making a sale. It is mostly about keeping my clients up to date with what’s happening and offering opportunities for them to learn me. As a consultant I believe that it is my job to educate my clients and to help them get the most out of their Thermomix  experience/customer journey. I want my clients to hear all the new and exciting news from me and not from the grapevine somewhere.

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