2015 Blogging Goals

2015 BLOGGING GoalsI love blogging. I write about 50 blog posts each day…in my head. I think about blogging while I’m washing the dishes and when I’m in the shower. I mentally write blog posts as I’m vacuuming the floor or when I’m driving the car. The problem is that I never actually sit down to type or publish any of them. 

I have so many ideas. I can turn almost every daily experience in to a blog post or new business venture. Perhaps that is one of the other problems that I have – I move on to the next great idea before I action the idea I had two minutes ago.

With the new financial year about to begin, it is the perfect time to set some new goals. I need goals that will help me to action my ideas. I need goals that are going to help me move in the right direction and keep me consistent on my blogging journey. I need to have a focus and a motivating reason to continue blogging, especially if I want to be a stay at home mum! I need to write down my goals and get them really clear in my mind so that I know exactly what I am trying to achieve.

So here they are… my 5 blogging Goals for 2015:

Goal #1 – Be A SAHM Until My Babies Are In School

I really don’t want to go back to work. Not yet. Not until I’ve had all my babies and they are all at school. I want to be a SAHM (Stay At Home Mum) and look after my family in the best way that I possibly can. However, being a SAHM means that we have to live on my husband’s wage and (because of my spending habits) that can be very difficult to do. To avoid going back to work and to be a long-term SAHM, I need to be creatively frugal around the house and I will need to build my online business so that I have some passive income and spending money.Sia, Nek & Ari

Goal #2 – Build Passive Income Streams

I want to create and build some visual products that will allow me to have passive income. I also want to change my current business model at the Greek Wedding Shop so that it is easier to grow and less time-consuming to manage. There are a number of ways that I can develop the advertising space on both of my blogs and I know that I need to be more consistent in attracting advertisers.

Greek Wedding Shop

Goal #3 – Earn $68 Per Day From Blogging

My husband’s income pays for all of our living expenses but my income (which will come from Goal #2) will pay for all of my little luxuries as well as my blog expenses.

So how much money do I actually need to earn?

Green Tea Latte

Here is my “little luxuries” wish list:

  • Something special for my little boy: clothes, shoes or toys – $100 per month
  • A daily cup of coffee (and maybe a piece of cake salad too) at a local Brisbane cafe – $5 or $150 each month.
  • Bikram yoga classes 2 days a week – $175 for a 10 class pass
  • Mani/Pedi: Gel nails (twice a month) and gel toes (once a month) – $100 each month
  • Maintenance waxing – $100 per month
  • Hair colour and cut at Papas & Pace – $100 per month
  • Make up & Dermalogica cleansers for me – $70 per month
  • Educational courses to learn something new each month – $100
  • A new book to read – $30 per month
  • Date night with my hubby in a new Brisbane restaurant once a month – $100

Total: $1025 per month

Here is a personal project I would like to pay for:

I would also like to use my blogging income to pay for my son’s christening. We hope to christen Ari before his 1st birthday. I think it will cost us about $8000-$10000 to have the party – because of our big fat Greek family. That means that I need to save about $1000 per month for the event.

Total: $1000 per month

Here are my current blog expenses:

  • Greek Wedding Shop Big Commerce Host Fees – $50 per month
  • Greek Weddings Blog Siteground Host Fees – $95.40 per year – 7.95
  • Hack Alert Malware Monitoring – $12 per year $1
  • VaultPress Lite – $5 per month
  • Google Mail – $12.50 per month
  • GeoTrust Quick SSL – $86.90 per year $7.25
  • Domain Names – $150 per year $12.5
  • ASIC Annual Review/Other Fees – $250 per year $20.83
  • Stripe & PayPal Fees – Variable
  • Bank Fees – $10 per month
  • Buffer Membership – $10 per month

Total: $140 per month

Here is my investment wish list for my blogs:

  • New website design
  • Integrated MYOB
  • MailChimp Professional
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Shutter Stock Membership
  • Facebook Advertising Budget
  • Moo.com Products (business cards, thank you cards, packaging etc)
  • New brand logo/design
  • Transfer my personal blog to Siteground or Blue Host so that it is also self hosted.

I’m not sure how much the items on this list will cost. However I can’t afford them just yet so I haven’t looked in to quotes. It’s on the list for “one day”.

So, how much money do I need to earn to keep my blog sustainable and achieve my personal goals?

  • Little Luxuries $1025
  • My Son’s Christening $1000
  • Blog Expenses $140

Minimum: $2065 per month.

Which is…

$477 per week or

$68 per day

Eat, Sleep, Blog RepeatGoal #4 – Be Consistent

I have been blogging for a really long time. However I have never been consistent. Up until now, blogging has been a hobby. It was something that I did just for fun. I was always busy doing other things and I said to myself, that I will focus on my blog later – “when I’m at home with kids”.

Now that I have my beautiful baby boy and I’m “at home with kids” it is finally time to start taking my blog seriously.

To achieve my goals I know that I need to be more consistent with my writing. I know that I need to focus on content creation and I need to build my audience by actively engaging with them on social media, consistently.

I need to update my editorial calendar (and actually stick to it) and start using my buffer account to schedule social media posts.

My blog analytics show amazing growth each month. I can’t wait to see what will happen, once I become more consistent with my blogging.

ProBlogger PodcastGoal #5 – Do The 31 Days To Build A Better Blog Challenge

ProBlogger Darren Rowse has recently launched a new podcast. He is starting a daily challenge in July called 31 Days to Build A Better Blog. I plan to listen to this podcast every day and follow the challenge. Darren’s advice is always very practical and I’m sure that it will help me to achieve my new blogging goals.

I can’t wait to see positive results. I will review these goals at the end of each month and again at the end of the year.

Do You Have Any Blogging Goals For The Rest Of 2015?

I’d love to hear what you are working on. Please let me know in the comments!


4 thoughts on “2015 Blogging Goals

  1. What a great idea to list out what you want to pay for with your blog and break it down to weekly/daily income!! Awesome idea, I will need to try that too.

    1. Breaking everything down in to specific points really helps to get clarity around goals. Send me the link to your post once you have it published!! Good luck goal setting Chelsea 🙂

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