Introducing Our Little Boy | Newborn Photography By Lannie

AriIntroducing Our Little Boy

Our beautiful baby boy was born on Monday 18th May at 4.03pm. His name is Ari and we are very proud to introduce him to the world.

At birth, Ari weighed 2.8kg and he was 49cm long. He was a tiny baby and he had to wear size 00000 clothing and special premi nappies.

He has cute little hands and cute little feet. He has his father’s ears and distinctive little bum chin. He has an Aristidou birth mark on the back of his neck and a toe thumb just like his dad.

However lots of people also say that he looks like me. He has fair hair and fair skin. He has a very calm temperment and he likes to sleep a lot.

Little Feet

When Ari was 11 days old we did a photo shoot with a photographer named Lannie. It was the perfect time to do it because by this stage Ari’s skin looked a lot better and he was able to fit in to some of his clothes.

Sia Dressing AriLannie told us that capturing newborn photos is all about documenting Ari’s size and being as natural as possible. She took some really good shots using the lighting in our bed room and we are really happy with the photos.

Nektarios & Ari

Lannie asked us if it was ok to do some nuddie shots. Nektarios was more than happy to take his shirt but I kept my robe on. I think there are a few photos of me breastfeeding Ari however I am mostly covered up.

We took off Ari’s clothes and got him completley naked. Then within seconds he was peeing all over the place. We now had wee on the bedspread and also on my newly steam cleaned carpet. Lucky Nektarios was able to catch some of it in his hands. Lol.

We were warn that this might happen… a naked baby boy was bound to pee on us at some point. But we didn’t care too much. The carpet can be cleaned again but we only have this one opportunatiy to get some great photos.

Sia & Ari

Lannie came over to our house to do the photo shoot. This was perfect for us because I am not leaving the house for 40 days. This is a Greek tradition which allows time for the mother and the baby to bond. I have writen an article to explain the tradition on my other blog (Greek Weddings & Traditions). Here is the link if you want to read more about it: The tradition of 40 Days Sarantismos 

The 3 Of Us

This was our first time taking family photos together and I think it is really special that we will be able to remember this day forever.

They say that your children grow up very quickly. I still remember the day that we found out that I was pregnant and the first time we felt our baby kick inside my belly. It wont be long before we celebrate his 1st birthday or send him off to school.

Ari Eyes Open

But for right now, I am going to treasure and enjoy all of the special little moments that we have together. The long cuddles after every feed, the hours that we spend staring at him while he sleeps and thoses very rare times when his eyes are open and it feels like he is looking back at us. We love our little man and these are moments that we will always remember.


Our photographer Lannie has offered a very generous gift to all of my readers here on the blog. Simply quote my promo code: SIASPLACE and you will receice a voucher for $240. This will get you a free photoshoot with Lannie and a bit of credit to put towards your photo prints.

Lannie is a Brisbane based photographer and storyteller. She specialises in new born photography as well as maternity, family, kids, pet and comercial photography. You can contact Lannie on her mobile: 0408 822 633 or on email: Or check out more of Lannies work on Facebook, Instagram or via her website.


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