PBEVENT In Brisbane: Here’s Why I’m Super Excited…


Super Excited About PBEVENT Brisbane

I am one of the very few lucky people to score a ticket to the Pro Blogger Event in Brisbane this week. Yay!! Let’s call it the PBEVENT from now on. The tickets sold out in a flash and I just happened to be staring at my inbox on the day that Darren Rowse put the tickets up for sale.


I’ve been to a couple of PBEVENTS already. My first event was in 2013 and I remember it very clearly. I was a complete mess that weekend because some stupid fu#$ing hackers stole my blog (my other blog about Greek Weddings & Traditions) and I went to the blogging event with puffy eyes (cause by my lack of sleep and unstoppable crying) and with brand new business cards that linked to a blog that was not there. Despite the drama, I learnt a ton of new things about blogging and I realised something that I always knew deep down in my heart: I am a blogger and this is my dream job.

I felt like I wasted a whole year playing catch up after the ‘lost blog tragedy’ but eventually my website was back up and running and I started to see some amazing growth across all social media networks. I could have given up. I could have just dumped the idea in to the too hard basket. I could have walked away from it all…but I didn’t. I persisted because I felt so motivated and inspired by all of the amazing new people who I met at the PBEVENT. The encouragement that I received from everybody was exactly what I needed to get me back on track… and it worked!

Front Desk PBEVENT 2014
Here is a snap from the PBEVENT in 2014. That’s me at the front desk and I’m standing with two gorgeous bloggers – Stacey from The Veggie Mama and Brooke from Slow Your Home.


At the PBEVENT in 2014, I put up my hand and asked to be a volunteer. If you attended the event, then you probably saw me at the front desk because I was one of the girls signing people in and handing out lanyards. I got to wear a PBEVENT T-Shirt (which I still have as a souvenir)  and I was invited to be in the team photo. Even though I was a volunteer and I was technically ‘working’ at the event, I feel like I learnt so much more from seeing everything from behind the scenes. It was a great experience and I hope that I have the opportunity to do it again in the future.


Now it is 2015 and life has taken a different turn for me. I am pregnant (finally, yay!) and I no longer work my old day job. I have the time and the flexibility to spend my days working from home and I now have the perfect opportunity to make my blogging dreams a reality.  Life is about to get crazy (when baby comes along) and I want to have a blog plan set up and ready so that I can continue to grow my online business and create passive income while being the best mama that I can be.

I am really looking forward to the Brisbane PBEVENT this week. It is the most amazing feeling to be in a room where everybody else ‘gets you’. When I talk to my family and friends about blog stuff I get blank stares like I’m some kind of weirdo. The conversation usually changes very quickly. However, at the PBEVENT everybody else speaks the same language. We all have a blog or thinking about starting a blog and the conversations are so inspiring. It feels like we can talk and talk for hours and you make instant friends who you know that you will continue the conversation with online.

I have pretty high expectations of this years event. I am ready to take my blog to the next level and I know that the Pro Blogger team will provide inspiring content to help me get there.


Here is what I ‘expect’ to achieve by attending the Brisbane PBEVENT on Tuesday:

  • Meet new people (potential new friends) who love blogging as much as I do
  • Learn new blogging tips
  • Listen to the awesome line up of event speakers
  • Snap a photo with Darren Rowes (fingers crossed, I have the opportunity to do this)
  • Structure my thoughts and create a clear blogging plan for the future
  • Be inspired by other people and their blogging success/failure stories

What do you hope to learn about blogging?

Please share a comment below or send me a tweet so that we can continue our conversation. 

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11 thoughts on “PBEVENT In Brisbane: Here’s Why I’m Super Excited…

  1. Hi Sia, I’m off to the PBEVENT tomorrow as well. It’s my first event so I’m unsure of what to expect. Your post has shed a little light on the matter and now I’m even more excited than I already was! Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Gayle, I was really nervous at my first PBEVENT, but you will find that everybody is super nice and that you will have lots to talk about. Especially being a mama of 3 beautiful kids 🙂 I think that there are lots of mums attending the event tomorrow. See you there!

  2. Hi Sia

    Great post. I cant believe someone hacked your site on problogger weekend. I would have been an utter mess! See you tomorrow at Probloggers (Im vanessa from Website Confetti)

    1. It was a really random coincidence. At first I was shattered that it happened the night before the pro blogger event. Then afterwards I realised that the hacker’s couldn’t have picked a better time lol. It gave me a wonderful opportunity to talk to other people, network and find some really helpful resources to get my blog back up and running. Darren Rowse and Shane Tilley were also super helpful!

      Thanks for your comment Vanessa. See you tomorrow 🙂

  3. Reading this only builds my excitement. I just have my fingers crossed that my voice is back by tomorrow! Three days without it. Not cool!

  4. i can’t believe your blog got hacked before you went to Problogger!! You poor pet! I would have been devastated too! It makes a good story for a blogpost though! Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. 🙂

  5. So nice to meet you yesterday, CONGRATS on your pregnancy (YAY!!) and THANK YOU for taking my pic with Darren and Laney, too!! I’m looking forward to following your journey 🙂 🙂

  6. So nice to meet you yesterday!!! Huge congrats on your pregnancy and thank you so much for taking my pic with Darren (and Laney!) too!! Looking forward to following your blog 🙂

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