Preggi Bellies – A “Safe” Fitness Class For Pregnant Women

Queensland Promo Offer - Preggi Bellies

I Quit The Gym

I quit the gym as soon as I found out that I was pregnant. Everybody told me to slow down, stop lifting heavy objects and avoid anything that might hurt the baby. This put a whole lot of fear in to my mind about exercising, especially during the first 12 weeks. I didn’t want to put my baby at risk and I certainly didn’t want to continue my normal fitness routine.

However, I started to feel like crap after a while. Not doing any exercise made me feel fat (in a bad way, not a glowing pregnant way), unhealthy and lazy. I knew that I needed to start exercising again so that I could feel better. So, I started researching pregnancy exercise classes in my local area.

A Mix Of All Your Favourite Aerobics Classes (On A Fit Ball)

A friend from my mother’s group recommended Preggi Bellies to me. It sounded really interesting and I couldn’t wait to check it out. Preggi Bellies is a fun mix of all your favourite aerobics classes. You get to work on your core strength (important for your back as your belly gets bigger) as well as you arms (important for lifting baby after he/she is born) and you also have specialised time to work on your pevelic floor (super important for labour and birth!) You do most of the exercises while sitting on a fit ball. This can feel really uncoordinated in the beginning but you get used to it fairly quickly.

Preggi Bellies: Find a Location and the Timetable

There are four locations around Brisbane and there are also classes available in Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra. The timetable is on the Preggi Bellies website however you do need to call up and book your class. Your first trial class will cost you $25 however I have a special offer for all of my readers who live in Queensland:

Preggi Bellies Logo

Use this promo code to book a free trial class: PREGGI2015


What I Love About Preggi Bellies

What I love about the Preggi Bellies Fitness Class is that all of the other women in the room are also pregnant. The instructor is very understanding and it was perfectly fine if I need to stop at any time, sit down, go to the toilet or drink water. I feel safe in the room. There are no glaring eyes or feelings of harsh judgement from other people in the gym. All the other girls know exactly how I am feeling because they feel the same way. The women in the group often become friends with each and they go out of their way to offer support and encouragement.

I was able to increase my heart rate and do a really good workout but at the same time I felt safe in a controlled environment.

My Fear Of Exercising

If I tried to do any of these exercises at home, or if I went to the gym and did a different class I know that my mind would always be worried. I would constantly think about whether or not this exercise was safe to do, whether or not I was doing the exercise right and whether or not I was hurting the baby. It can be a really scary feeling. However all of that fear went away when I was in the Preggi Bellies class. I felt reassured. I felt like I was doing something good for both my health and my baby.

Preggi Bellies Fitness Class

I told my mother’s group about my first Preggi Bellies class and here is what they said:

“Yeah I felt exactly the same about knowing what I was doing was safe and also felt like I had a work out! I have to admit when they said all the exercises are on the ball I thought how hard can it be?! BUT I too felt so unco and almost fell off the ball a few times. It is pricey but I just felt like it would be a good investment and know I would be doing something good for me and the baby. Just need to lock in a job now and then I can sign my life away”

“Yes, I’ve done Preggi Bellies! It is awesome!! Have fun!”

“I did it during my last pregnancy. Loved it!!”

“Yeah it is very pricy! But I am comparing it with Personal Training… And it’s cheaper than that. What sold me was the fact that I can do part payments and if I don’t use all the “pregnancy” classes while pregnant I can still use them later in the “back to body” classes.”

“Plus if you forget to do your pelvic floor exercises (like me) then you guaranteed at least twice a week to do them as they do them in every class!”

“Haha!! Yep those pelvic floor exercises were strange and a little embarrassing. But soooo important!”

“Thank you SO much for sharing – this looks awesome!! I’ve actually just cancelled my gym membership because I’d stopped going to my usual classes etc, and wanted to find some safe for-pregnancy-exercise to do, and there is one right near me in Carindale!”

“I haven’t tried the classes yet but I have a friend that did them and she loved it.”

Preggi Bellies On The Morning Show

Fitness Instructor Debbi Gaye was on the Morning Show to explain more information about what Preggi Bellies is all about. Watch it here:

Preggi Bellies on The Morning Show from Jay Boston on Vimeo.

Preggie Bellies Promo Offer

If you would like to try a Preggi Bellies then I have a special offer for you. Use this promo code to book a free trial class. The class is valued at $25. Please note that it is only valid for Queensland classes.Preggi Bellies Logo


Have you tried Preggi Bellies before?

I’d love to hear about your experience. Please leave a comment or send me a tweet

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