Pregnancy Calendars, Journals and iPhone Apps

Bundle of Something CardYay! I’m pregnant!!

It has taken a while for this exciting news to sink in to my head. I still can’t really believe it. I’m pregnant and I have to keep on reminding myself. It is so damn exciting, I can’t stop thinking about it. But then again, I guess that I have always thought about having a baby…

Planning For A Long Time

I have been planning for this moment for a very long time. In fact, I purchased a baby calendar back in 2002, way before I was married or even engaged. The calendar has been stored away in my special memories box all these years and today, I finally pulled it out.

The Pregnancy Calendar

No doubt there are plenty of new and exciting calendars out on the market these days, but the calendar I purchased so long ago is the one that I want to use. I haven’t seen anything else like it and it is perfect for me. It is called The Pregnancy Calendar: Your 40-week Guide to Prenatal Care and Fetal Development. Mostly I just like this calendar because it comes with cute little stickers that you can add on to important dates. I did a bit of research and apparently you can still buy the sticker sheets on their own. However this particular calendar hasn’t been republished since 2004.

Moleskine Baby Journal

Moleskine Baby Journal

I also have a Moleskine Baby Journal which I purchased on the spot as soon as they were released back in 2011. To be honest this journal has been sitting in my bookshelf for such a long time, I forgot that I had it. My husband had to remind me because he knows about my obsessive need to write absolutely everything down in cute little books so I pulled it out to begin. However, this journal will have to go back on the bookshelf for a little while longer. It is intended for journaling information about the baby after it is born rather than pregnancy.

Kikki-K Folders

Kiki K

Let’s not forget the Kikki-K Pregnancy Folder. I purchased the entire collection of My Kikki-K Folders all just after my hubby popped the big question. I started with the My Dream I fell in love with the My Wedding folder and then slowly added My Dream Home, My Bills, My Important Documents, My Take Aways and then of course the My Pregnancy folder. Up until now, the My Pregnancy folder has been jam packed with IVF and fertility information. I’m so excited that I can push all that aside and focus on the fun stuff now that I am, actually pregnant. (Yep, another reminder to myself!)

Pregnancy Iphone Apps

After raiding my bookshelf of all of the cool baby stuff that I have been collecting, I decided to scan iTunes to see what phone apps were available. I downloaded them all! All of the free apps (there are heaps) and also all of the paid apps including:

Which is the Best Pregnancy iPhone App?

I plan to test out all of these apps and then see which one I like the best. They each offer different views and have their own theme. They share the same information but in different ways. Perhaps I will be able to rate which pregnancy app is the best after a few weeks of using them.

Which Pregnancy Ap Do You Like The Best?

Please Share Your Tips in the Comments!

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