Dear Little Lentil


Dear Little Lentil,

Today has been the most excited day of my life! I peed two lines on “the stick” and apparently that means that I’m pregnant… yay 🙂

I woke your dad up with screams of excitement and we both stared blankly at “the stick” for about an hour trying to figure out what two lines meant.


We already knew that having one line was normal – it is the test line. However we have never seen two lines before so it felt like I was staring at something completely foreign. I’ve gone through about 50 of these little sticks over the last 4 years while we have been trying to conceive you, and they always just show one line. However this time was different! This time, there was two lines! You dad jumped on to the pre-test website to read the fine print and to make sure we just weren’t seeing something random or silly.

It turns out that the two lines were 100% accurate and you are a little miracle that has started to grow. You made us blissfully happy. All of us. Your mum, your dad, your Papou Stace, Yiayia Virginia, Papou Ari, Yiayia Skevie, Thea Anthea, Zio Alex, Theo John, Thea Anna, Theo Nick and Zia Sabrina and Papou Costa. (They are all the people who we told immediately because we just couldn’t keep the secret a secret for very long).

We tried. We really did try to keep you a secret. We didn’t tell Yiayia Virginia or Papou Stace when we saw them at the hospital in the morning, about an hour after the pee test. (This was hard!! Really hard!!) And we didn’t tell Theo Nick and Zia Sabrina when we spent the whole day in the park with them today. We wanted to… but we thought that keeping the secret was the right thing to do.

Your dad and I have decided not to tell anyone else until after we get proper confirmation. We are doing a blood test tomorrow and then we have a doctor’s appointment on Wednesday.

We will try to take one day at a time. Every day is as special as the next. Apparently you are 40 days old today! According to the ap you are the size of a little lentil. So, to me you are our little lentil. To your dad, you are little fakyess (lentils in Greek).

Grow happy and healthy.

Love from,
Mummy xx

Photo Credit: First Response Pregnancy


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