Week 2: The Teacher Outfit Challenge

Week 2 of the Teacher Outfit Challenge:

I wore some really fun outfits to school this week. I wake up early to select an appropriate outfit from the “teacher section” of my wardrobe. Then I add a few accessories and check the mirror to make sure that everything matches perfectly before stepping out the door.

The only thing that I forgot to do, was take a selfie!

So, instead of posting photos of myself I have created a photo gallery of Pinterest photos that look very similar to my outfits. I love Pinterest! It is so nifty for style inspiration.

Here is what I wore:

  • Monday: Black flower print pants with a CC tan belt – it was the first time i’ve ever worn a tan belt… stepping out of my comfort zone just a little bit.
  • Tuesday: Casual print pants with a black top – funny enough there were about 5 other teachers at school this day wearing something similar.
  • Wednesday: Black pencil skirt with a black top – I had to wear all black for the hospitality catering function.
  • Thursday: Black on black with a touch of colour – because i had to go straight to a work meeting after school and this outfit was appropriate for both.
  • Friday: Navy blue skirt with a green cardi +black tights – wrong choice in outfit today because it was super hot; black tights and a cardi does not work in summer!

Next week, I will try to remember to take a photo first thing in the morning!


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