Star Struck and Inspired by Darren Rowse – Day 1 @ PBEVENT


I arrived at the ProBlogger Event early Friday morning without make up on (for anyone who knows me that sooo not my normal style). My hair was a mess, I hadn’t showered yet and my eyes were blood shot red. I didn’t sleep a wink the night before because I was up all night staring at the computer screen trying to figure out How I Lost My Blog.

I couldn’t believe that I was at a blogging conference without a blog. In the back of my mind I was trying to think of ways to introduce myself to everyone I would meet…

“Hi, my name is Sia. Here is my business card but please don’t go to my website.”

“Hi, my name is Sia and I Lost My Blog…”

Just the thought of it made me cry. Tears kept running down my face and all I could think was… how could this be happening to me? And, why now? It was such terrible timing (well, so I thought).

To be honest I missed the whole first session – Darren Rowse’s Keynote Speech. I was too busy replying to all the emails on my phone and checking the WordPress status of my blog.

Afterwards everyone was talking about Darren’s speech. All the bloggers I met walked away from that session feeling inspired and pumped ready for the day. But I was in my own bubble of mess. I missed pretty much all of the speech, except when Darren was talking about fear. For some reason, that grabbed my attention very quickly because I was so scared about what what about to happen to me.

I love Darren… I don’t mean that I love, love him. I just love his genuine good hearted nature. He is a really nice guy and so real. To be honest I felt a little bit star struck when I first saw him.  You see, Darren is the reason I started blogging in the first place. I learnt almost everything I know about blogging from him.

Thank you Darren for being so inspirational and thank you for organizing the Problogger Event.

Lesson Learned: What’s the worse that can happen? (it’s not as bad as you think)

Action Point: Use my ProBlogger Event Virtual Pass to go back and watch Darren’s speech again.


What’s the worse thing that has happened to you or your blog?

How did you recover?

I’d love to know!


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