Lessons I Learnt at the PBEVENT 2013 + Action Points

ProBlogger Event 2013
ProBlogger Event 2013

Here is a list of the lessons I learnt at the Problogger Event 2013 and the Action Points I plan to take over the next 6 months. I am sharing my notes here on Sia’s Place because I want to keep myself accountable (the same way I encourage Mrs Blended to be accountable to her own blogging goals) . Notes in a book can get lost on the bookshelf. But my notes here on my blog will act as a constant reminder.

I have started with Darren Rowse’s Keynote Speech and how I was Star Struck and Inspired by him. Then I plan to move on to each session that I attended including:

  • Facebook Marketing Success with Amy Porterfield
  • Product Based Businesses with Jess Van Den
  • The Step Changers with Christina Butcher, Caz Makepeace and Andrea Zanetich
  • Creating eBooks with Nicole Avery, Yishan Chan, Brooke McClary & Paul Cunningham
  • Selling Stuff with Shayne Tilley
  • Inspired to Create with Clare Bowditch
  • Affiliate Marketing by Darren Rowse
  • Building your Blogging Brand with Valerie Khoo & Trevor Young
  • How to make video content with Hailey Bartholomew
  • Google Analytics for Bloggers

My notes are not all complete yet, but i intend to get to them shortly. Hopefully by the end of it all I will have a list of blogging goals and a strategic plan on how to get it all done before the next ProBlogger Event in 2014.


Would love to know what your blogging goals are – send me a note and tell me about them!


8 thoughts on “Lessons I Learnt at the PBEVENT 2013 + Action Points

  1. I cannot wait to listen to the sessions on the virtual ticket. My action point: find out how to access the Virtual Ticket!

    1. It’s actually really easy – go to http://www.probloggerevent.com – click on the virtual pass advertisement and the log in with your details! Voila 🙂

      There is so much more to catch up on… with 3 sessions going all at once I need a few more days to get through all the content.

      I especially LOVE the tag board for #PBEVENT – what a great idea!

  2. I wasn’t able to make it to Problogger so hopefully next year I’ll get the chance! It’s so great to see the different things people who attended took away from the event! xx

    The Urban Ma

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