Facebook Marketing Success with Amy Porterfield – Day 1 @ PBEVENT

WOW! I learnt so much from Amy Porterfield at the ProBlogger Event and I must say that everyone was talking about her the entire weekend. I immediate signed up to Amy’s facebook feed and plan to do a few of her webinars and training sessions. Amy was a fantastic speaker and she shared tips that were so easy to implement, yet would make a dramatic difference to our Facebook Success.

Here’s what I learnt from Amy:

  • Take Action! It’s great to know and learn all these Facebook strategies but what’s the point if you don’t take action and implement them immediately? Amy is all about taking action to create success… very similar to her old boss Mr. Tony Robbins.
  • Facebook does not belong to you… but your email list does. Promote your email list as much as you can. Your email list is your customers, it is your business. Here is my email list – click here to sign up: http://eepurl.com/-YrSX
  • Advertise Strategically.  Amy showed us how to advertise directly to the people that we want to speak to. There were a number of different ways including simple tips for your facebook page and also strategic (sneaky) steps for paid advertising.
  • Let them know and you’re good to go. This comment was in reference to disclosing information to readers. I just love the saying and the way she said it.

Lesson learnt: An email list is SOOOOO valuable and important. I have a fantastic following on Facebook and on WordPress but no email list. Without my blog and without an email list, I don’t have a business.

Action Point: Create an email list and get all my followers/readers on to that email list!

Action Point: Start some “strategic” Facebook marketing!


What is Your Best Tip for Facebook Marketing Success?


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