Baby Body Challenge

My journey has so many experiences… and I learn new things from everything I do. Anything grand and important in life is challenging and right now the only thing I want is my biggest challenge. I call this my baby body challenge!

What is my baby body challenge?

Well it’s about my baby journey. Having a baby has been much more difficult then I expected it would be. And like everything else in life, I put pieces of the puzzle together one by one to build the bigger picture. I have already learnt so much but yet I know I am about to experience so much more.

I know, we’ll I think I know, that the reason that we are not having a baby yet is because we are not ready. I think that our higher selves know that we are not ready. I think this is a test of faith. For both me and my husband. Both of us are being challenged and I know we have much to do.

We are both healthy and fit… Well kinda.

We don’t smoke.
We don’t do drugs.
We don’t drink alcohol.
We go to the gym.
We watch what we eat.
We take vitamins.
We have sex.

So why aren’t we pregnant?

The test results show a number of things.

He has abnormal sperm.
I don’t have enough eggs.

It’s in our genes?
It’s our body… Which is outside of our control?

Or is our body a reflection of our selves?

do our body’s make us who we are or do we create the energy in our body?

If everything is about energy… Then can we manipulate it? Can we influence or control or Chanel it’s flow? Can we change the scientific tests that tell us that we can. It have babies?

The IVF journey is one that we plan to take… We will made all the appointments. We will follow all the steps. We will do what the doctors tell us but I know, in my heart and in my mind and in my gut that our baby will be a faith baby. He/she will come to us when we are truly ready.


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