Mauy Thai Boxing – Samui

We drove past the Mauy Thai Boxing Stadium on Saturday night and heard the loud repetitive speaker advertisement for the match. “Mauy Thai Boxing, buy your tickets early, the best sport in the world” It was about to start so we thought it was perfect timing to go see it! (despite being so tired from the hectic last couple of days)

They had kids driving through the streets of Chaweng – they were dressed up in fighting gear and i soon realised that they were the boxers for the upcoming match. Tuk tuks everywhere were advertising the fight and picking up tourists to drop them off at the stadium.

There were 6 matches, 3 of which were champion matches, 2 KO, 1 TKO. I feel asleep, woke up for the awesome half time show and then dozed off again. Nektarios absolutely loved it!!

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