The A Team Championships

Let’s face it, Nektarios and I are both very competitive people and we both like to win. Sometime he thinks he is better than me just because he plays more sport than I do. By the end of our two week holiday in Koh Samui Thailand, I think that my husband will learn a new thing or two about his wife! I want to win and I think that I have a pretty good chance! In fact… I am already in the lead.

So what is the A Team Championships? Well it is a friendly competition of all of the games that we love to play. So far the following games have been added to the list:

  • Tavli / Backgammon
  • Pool / Snooker
  • Jim Rummy (cards)
  • Guitar Hero
  • Sonic the hedgehog, super mario brothers and other wii games

Over the course of our holiday we will randomly play all these games that we love. The wins from these games collectively will determine the winner!

Today (the first day on the Island and of our competition) I have already beat Nektarios at Tavli and at Pool. We haven’t played anything else yet so that makes the score 2-0.

May the best man/woman win!


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