DAY 84: Planning Paleo Free Days

Once a week, I am allowing myself to have a Paleo Free Day.

On this day, I am allowed to eat absolutely anything I want completely guilt free. I take this concept/idea from Tim Ferris’s best-selling book The 4 hour Body and I call it the:

 ”Guilt Free, Anything Goes, Paleo Free Day”

However rule #3 of 90 Day Paleo Challenge states that: When I have my “guilt free, anything goes, Paleo free” day, I must photograph absolutely everything I eat and post about it on this blog.

So here are the pictures from the food I ate on Day 84!

Most of the food in these pics are from my niece’s birthday party which conveniently fell on DAY 84 of the 90 Day Paleo Challenge.

Actually this wasn’t a coincidence. I planned to have my ‘guilt free, anything goes, Paleo free day’ on my niece’s birthday because I knew that I wouldn’t be able to resist all of the bad food on the day.

Here are some of my thoughts about planning Paleo free days:

  • Plan Paleo free days on days when you have special events, parties or occasions
  • Plan your Paleo free day, put it in your diary/on your calendar and then stick to it
  • Limit Paleo free days to only one day per week
  • Allow yourself to have a guilt free indulgence
  • Take/post/share pictures of everything you eat on the Paleo free day (this will prevent you from going overboard – or embarrass you if you did go overboard)
  • Get straight back to basics the day after your Paleo free day
  • When you get cravings for certain foods – write them down, remember them and then eat them on your Paleo free day
  • Paleo free days and allowing yourself to indulge will put an end to the silly cravings you have on the strict Paleo Challenge days. It will also make you feel bad, fat and bloated. It is important to have that feeling so that you can consciously decided not to do it again. It will also make you aware of how you feel when you eat bad food or lots of sugar. Soon, you will notice a difference in your choices of Non Paleo Food!

What did you eat on your last Paleo Free Day?


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