DAY 83: Week Two of The 90 Day Paleo Challenge

So, it’s Monday again, and it’s week 2 of the 90 Day Paleo Challenge!

It’s the day after my ‘guilt free, anything goes, Paleo free day’ and I feel like crap. It feels like I have to start all over again… but before I spiral down into negative thoughts and fall off the wagon. I thought I should celebrate some successes from the past week:

  • I completed my first week of the 90 Day Paleo Challenge
  • I only cheated a little bit – but I punished myself for cheating and haven’t cheated since
  • I didn’t over indulge (too much) on my ‘guilt free, anything goes, Paleo free day’
  • I feel better (now that the sugar withdrawals have disappeared)
  • I learnt a lot about food, cooking and Paleo
  • My work pants are feeling loose
  • The scales have dropped

I’m pretty proud of the above successes. In fact, just thinking about them and writing them down has given me instant inspiration to continue onto the next week of my 90 Day Paleo Challenge.

My plans for week two include:

  • More exercise
  • More research about ‘What is Paleo and What is not Paleo’
  • More home-made ‘from scratch’ cooking
  • More research of Paleo books and recipes
  • A new/different approach to cheats and punishment

I know I’m going to need a little more help to get through the next week of the 90 Day Paleo Challenge so I intend to keep searching for support from fellow Paleo Challengers, Blogs and Twitters. In fact here is an interesting article I just found – this should get me started – Read on for some good advice:

Here are 10 Tips from the blog Theory + Practice = Results:

“Ten tips and what to expect during the first few days of your new diet.

1.) Take it 1 day at a time: If you only concentrate on the 30 days then it will seem impossible to complete.

2.)Take it 1 meal at a time: Take care of breakfast, then plan your lunch, and then plan your dinner.

3.) Each meal should have a piece of meat (size of your hand), half to 3/4 of your plate should be veggies,   & a small handful of nuts or avocado.

4.)Snacks are approximately 1/3 of a full meal and consist of the same balance as your meal.

5.) There is no true portion control, but eat until you are full, you can always finish the meal later.

6.) Drink as much water as you can throughout the day. This will keep you hydrated and satisfied.

7.) Drink black coffee or plain teas throughout the day. If you are caffeine sensitive drink in the morning.

8.) The crock pot is your friend! Toss in some meat & veggies, season it to taste set it and you will have a hot fresh meal ready for you when you get home.

9.) Go to the grocery store twice a week and buy just enough veggies to last a few days. This will keep them fresh and will keep you with new options.

10.) Learn to use spices! There are so many out there that make your meals amazing. Add Cumin to grilled or steamed yellow squash. Use fresh Rosemary with Dijon mustard on Lamb or Chicken. Your palate will jump with joy and do not forget all the delightful peppers in the world.

Ruben Rojas from Theory + Practice = Results goes on to say:

“Most importantly is what you will be feeling, typically on day 3, but sometimes depending on your carb addiction it can begin on day 2. You will begin to experience carb/sugar withdrawals.  Yes, carbs are a drug like any other drug, it is not a joke. You will feel lethargic, light headed, dizzy, experience headaches, perhaps nausea, or even the shakes… But, do not worry this is only temporary and you will feel amazing day 4 and on. Just stay strong and focused. During your first few days eat more fruits then you normally would. The sugar in the fruit will help curb the withdrawal and help you acclimate better to the more natural  paleo influenced diet. Trust me before you know it you will feel like you have more energy than you know what to do.”

I wish I found this blog post/information last week!

Until tomorrow,



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