DAY 90 : Starting the Paleo Challenge

*This image was sourced from the website: The Common Sense Warrior

DAY 90

Today was the first day of the 90 Day Paleo Challenge. I have named this day and this blog post DAY 90. I am starting with Day 90 and working my way down to my final day which will be DAY 1. This count down is a constant reminder of the number of days which I have left to achieve my goal. 

What is Paleo?

Starting the Paleo Challenge today raised many questions. I was so excited about the new challenge that I shared my story with almost everyone I spoke to including my friends, my family and almost all of my customers! Everyone was interested in this new Paleo Challenge that I have started and they all wanted to know more information! Here are some of the questions that I was asked today:

“What is Paleo?”

“Why can’t you drink milk? Surely cave men had cows?”

“What are the rules? What can you eat? What can’t you eat?”

“Are you doing this for weight loss?”

To be completely honest i haven’t yet worked out all of the details of Paleo. I still don’t know very much about it. All i do know is that people who follow Paleo eat mainly meat, fruit and vegetables. That is all I know.

So, I am now on a quest to find out more information about Paleo. This will include:

  • Answering the question “What is Paleo?”
  • Friending fellow Paleo Challengers (both bloggers and twitters)
  • Sourcing the best recipes for Paleo food
  • Reading as much information as I can find about Paleo
  • Start cooking, eating and documenting the food I eat each day

What did I eat today?

For the first time in ages, I managed to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner plus one snack! This is a pretty big achievement for me as food is usually the very last item on my to do list in a day. The simple act of documenting the 90 Paleo Challenge has already made an impact on my lifestyle.

I am not 100% sure if the foods I ate today were in fact “Paleo” but they sure were healthier than a normal daily meal for me. Here are my DAY 90 Paleo Meals:

Breakfast: Poached Eggs and Avocado with a Rooibos Herbal Infusion Tea

Lunch: Grilled Fish with Salad and sparkling H20 – the chef put a bit of butter sauce on the fish without me knowing about it. It was probably my only mistake of the day.

Snack: Dragon Fruit – hand delivered by my lovely Koumbaro (Best Man) who read about my 90 Paleo Challenge on facebook and thought that I might like to try some new fruits. Today was the first time I have ever tasted Dragon Fruit and I loved it! 

Dinner: Grilled Chicken on a bed of Cos Lettuce.

I am very proud of my efforts for DAY 90!

How did you go today? Post your food pics or comment on what you ate today! I would love to hear your story!

Until tomorrow,



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