The 90 Day Paleo Challenge Starts Tomorrow!

I forever catch myself (and others) saying “I will start my diet tomorrow” and here it is, that famous statement once again… tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I will embark on a new diet challenge – The 90 Day Paleo Challenge!

Reverse Physcology

I will start my diet tomorrow. No no, I will start it on Monday. How about starting at the beginning of next month? It seems like I am forever trying to start a new diet and I never actually get to finish one. So this time, I though I would play some mind tricks on myself and try reverse physcology. Instead of saying “I will start my diet tomorrow” I am going to say “I would like to finish my diet in 90 days”. If I count backwards from 90 days and have an end point then maybe, just maybe I will get a different result and actually achieve my goal.

The Goal

So let me paint the picture: On Monday 28th of May I will be celebrating my one year wedding anniversary with my husband, my family and my friends and hopefully I will be packing my bikinis and a sarong in a suitcase for a romantic holidays away in a beautiful resort somewhere. (The holiday destination is still to be decided but that’s my husband’s job, so im leaving that up to him). I would like to be proud of myself for completing my first official diet challenge and I would like to see some new clothes in my wardrobe!

These are my official goals:

Goal #1. To attempt the Paleo Diet Challenge for a full 90 days: Starting Monday 27 February 2012 – ending Sunday 27 May 2012.

Goal #2. To learn about and test the currently fashionable and much talked about Paleo “Cave Man” diet. (Even though up until now I have been a vegetarian).

Goal #3. To fulfill my New Years Resolution of obtaining a Bikram Yoga Body.

Goal #4. To write daily about all of my challenging experiences on this blog, so that I can get myself momentum for other new and exciting blogging experiences.

What are the Rules?

Just to ensure that I don’t cheat the 90 Day Challenge I have set myself some rules. Everyone needs rules but rules are made to be broken so lets just say that this list is a temporary set of rules until I figure out what the real parametres will be

Rule #1: I must write a blog post each day/or about each day.

Rule #2: I will have one “guilt free, anything goes, Paleo free” day each week.

Rule #3: When I have my “guilt free, anything goes, Paleo free” day, I must photograph absolutely everything I eat and post about it on this blog.

Rule #4: I must be 100% truthful and honest – to myself and to you my readers!

Rule #5: I will reconsider/pull out of this 90 Paleo Challenge for one reason and one reason only – If/When I fall pregnant! 

Why the hell am I doing this?

It seems like a lot of effort and trouble to be writing these blog posts, taking photos, twittering and documenting absolutley everything for a whole 90 days so why the hell am I doing all of this?

The simple answer is accountability!

I think it is great to be health conscious and to want to start a new diet “tomorrow” but when tomorrow never comes, good health becomes even more distant. If I promise to blog about my 90 Day Paleo Challenge then I am making myself accountable to you – my readers, my friends and my family. If I blog about my challenge then maybe my goals and the romantic anniversary holiday in bikinis and a sarong may become more realistic.

So here goes… my 90 Day Paleo Challenge starts tomorrow.

Follow Me or Join Me!

Subscribe to this blog to get the daily updates or follow me on twitter to see what im eating and how im feeling.

Join me if you want to!! Start your own blog, comment on this one or find someone that you can be accountable to so that your diet can actually “start tomorrow”.

I don’t want to bombard anyone with constant daily updates so I plan to only share this link on facebook once a week. I will also set up a seperate twitter account for the 90 Day Paleo Challenge so that once again you don’t have to see absolutly everything im eating, unless you want to!

Until tomorrow…



6 thoughts on “The 90 Day Paleo Challenge Starts Tomorrow!

  1. I’m with ya, sister! Let’s DO IT! Hi, my name is Nicole and I’m in Oregon. My anniversary is a little bit closer than yours in April, but still, we can do this. Keep in touch. 🙂

    1. Well hello! Thanks for the lovely message. You are my very first supporter and commenter on my 90 DAY Paleo Challenge!Love your blog businessofmom and I can’t wait to have a similar position description one day. Are you joining me on the Paleo Challenge? How many days until your anniversary? Good Luck!

      1. My anniversary is April 18th. Three years! I’ve done good so far with so much temptation around me. Blogged this morning and linked back to your blog as well. I don’t have that many followers, but you have some really great content! I think it was a lot easier to eat today because I know that you are trying not to eat bad stuff either!!! Trust me, temptation has been awful!

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