Self Sabotage : Just Before a Diet

The day before, the night before and/or the hour before a new diet plan, always becomes a massive act of self sabotage. I eat all of my favourite foods and absolutely all of the chocolate I can find in the fridge and pantry. I pretend like its the very last time I am ever going to eat chocolate (yeah, as if a girl could ever give up chocolate!) or at least feel good about “getting rid” of the chocolate from my house so that it is not there in the morning. With the best of intentions I eat almost everything in sight and prepare for a better day tomorrow…

Tonight, the night before the 90 Day Paleo Challenge has not been any different…
I started thinking about all of the foods that would be my very last. My very last risotto, my very last Lindor chocolate, my very last skinny vanilla latte, not to forget my very last peanut butter toast!!

The two things I am going to miss are definitely Tiny Teddys and Bornhoffen Natural Yoghurt. I love to drown almost everything I eat in Bornhofen Yoghurt including falafel – yet another “last food item” that I scoffed down earlier today.

Here are a few pics…
Continue to scroll down and read the rest of this post (it gets better, I promise)

My Very Last Skinny Vanilla Latte

My Very Last Packet of Tiny Teddys

My Very Last Peanut Butter Toast

One of my Favourites – Bornhoffen Yoghurt

On the drive home from work I had some thinking time. Basically I was thinking a combination of the following points, over and over again:

“Oh shit what have I committed myself to?”

 “There goes all of the food that I love to eat…”

“What if I don’t make it to the end of the 90 Day Paleo Challenge?”

“How on Earth am I going to do this?”

“I wonder how many people already saw this on Facebook?”

“Would anybody notice if I just quickly deleted the blog?”

Right – so you get the picture. I was freaking out just a little bit and I still am… But the reality is that I really want to do this. I want to fully commit to the 90 Day Paleo Challenge and regardless of how many times I fall off the wagon, I am always going to be back up and try again!

I also need to do a bit more of that reverse psychology stuff. I need to stop looking at all of that yummy food and thinking about it as “the very last time I will ever get to taste it, ever, forever!”. Instead, I need to stay focused on the big picture!

It’s not as if I’m never going to eat chocolate again. I can eat as much chocolate as I want to on a ‘guilt free, anything goes, Paleo free” day! I will just try my best to be disciplined for the other six days a week!

Until tomorrow,



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