Feeding the Stingrays For The First Time

At 5pm every afternoon a school of stingrays come to the shores of the Island for feeding. This has been a daily ritual for more than 8 years now and something that suprised us was that they only come to Vivanta’s Island. The stingrays know what time it is and they are always very punctual for feeding. All of the guests at the resort are allowed to join in and feed the stingrays too.

The first thing we said was ‘NO WAY – A STINGRAY KILLED STEVE IRWIN – IM NOT GOING NEAR IT!’ But then we were convinced by the locals that these particular stingrays were harmless and did not have the same ‘stinger’ as the Aussie Stingrays.

Nektarios was quick to jump in the water and give it a go, but it took me a little while to get close to any of them. I didn’t feed any stingrays on the first day but i got a photo with one about a metre away.

You can see in these videos the excitment Nektarios has and also how nervous he is to start. It takes a while for him to build confidence but eventually he got right into it and hand feeds the all of the stingrays. By the end of the week, Nektarios was an expert at feeding everything in the water including the Sharks!

Pics of our first stingray feeding session:

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