A Surprise From Elene…

On the Thursday night (the second night of our honeymoon) at Vivanta by Taj in the Maldives we had a special suprise!

Our beautiful friend Elene secretly talked to our travel agent to find out the details of our honeymoon destination. She then organised for the resort to surprise us with a trip to the Jiva Day Spa on the Island. We were both very excited with no idea what to expect!

At 5pm we made our way over to the Jiva Spa and were greeted by two therapist in the traditional Indian way. They bowed their heads and said Namaste. We then had traditional Indian tea and were told that we were about to experience the “SOMA” or also known as the “Nectar of the Gods”. This package was a 2 hour treatment which started with an Indian Aromatherapy Massage using evocative oils to set the mood for romance. We then spent some exclusive time together with a bottle of champagne in a very exotic outdoor rock bath, surrounded by candles and filled with rose petals. Just beautiful…

I didn’t have the camera with me, so i copied some pics from the Jiva Spa website:

This is the treatment room and a bath of rose petals.

After feeling very relaxed and very spoilt we made our way back to the room where we found a few more surprises! The room had been beautifully decorated with flowers and there was a gift on our bed from Elene wrapped up as a brown paper package. Our bath was filled up with bubbles and evenly spaced flowers floating on the water and our champagne was brought over from the spa so that we could finish it off. The resort also organised for us to have a honeymoon cake which was very yummy!

We were both very excited, surprised and grateful for the thoughtful honeymoon gifts 🙂
Thanks Elene!

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