Snorkelling in our “Backyard”

On the first day in Vivanta we did a walk around the Island. This took us about 15 minutes (but only because we stopped to take photos every 2 metres). If you were to walk at a normal pace then it would only take about 5 minutes to get around the entire Island. It is very small but very beautiful. There is a coral reef that surrounds the Island and it is full of fish and other marine life. This reef was our ‘backyard’ and so snorkelling became our new favourite hobby.

This is the deck of our room – an overwater bungalo – where we sunbaked every day!

The water was seriously our backyard!

I felt a bit stupid trying on my new snorkelling gear… but to Nektarios’ supprise i was always the first to jump in the water!

Here is a clip of us feeding the fish on our first day… getting ready to swim in the ocean (or our backyard).

Here are some pics of our ‘backyard’ and of us snorkelling:

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