Food, food and more food!

We ate soooo much food on our honeymoon!

Part of our package at Vivanta by Taj was full board. Our travel agent reccomended it to us and it was such a good decission. All of our meals were included in the price we paid for the resort so all we had to do was pay extra for our drinks. We were entitled to 3 courses each for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That is 6 meals between us, 3 times a day for 8 days = 144 meals. Plus the muffins, doughnuts, croissants and danishishes that were made fresh every morning and the amazing baskets of rolls we had for lunch and dinner. There are about 6 pieces of bread in each basket (some days we had two baskets because they tasted sooooo good) which works out to be (6x3x8) 144 pieces of bread. Did i mention that we also drank 3 bottles of champers, 3 or 4 red wines, freshly squeezed pineapple, orange and watermellon juices each morning, coffees by the Nesespresso pod machine (about 3 or 4 a day), Indian Masala tea, home made iced teas, home made lemonade, about a dozon bottles of VOSS sparkelling water and some congac.

WOW. No wonder we both put on so much weight. Time for a detox and a daily session at the gym!

We tried to eat something different from the menu each day and we took pictures of every meal:

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