KL Cute Fish

Most of our friends and family have now watched our Cute Fish videos on our blog or via facebook. It was a very scary experience for me but Nektarios loved it. Apparently there is a place in Brisbane that has a fish spa similar to the Cute Fish in Kuala Lumpar. I can’t seem to find the link on google anywhere so if you know where it is please comment below. (Not that i ever plan to do it again… but it seems everyone i speak to now wants to try it!)

I have hundereds (maybe even thousands) of photos and videos to sort through. So it might take me a little while to up load and write about our honeymoon on the blog. I plan to update everyone on facebook each time i write a new post or upload a new video but if you would prefer to get my update sent to your email then please subscribe to this blog.

Now, what did we do after the fish spa……?


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