Today is my first day of holidays…

Today is my first day of holidays!

I haven’t really had a proper break in a very long time and if i don’t rest now, then i wont rest for at least another year. Once the new shop opens it will be full steam ahead for me. So I decided to ‘take holidays’.

It’s not really holidays, but at least I am telling myself that. In fact I think I have a much busier schedule than normal. There are so many things I need to do around the house and with my life. At least now I have some time to catch up on everything. I want to finish off all those projects which I started. I want to check off a few more things on my to do list. And most importantly I want to spend some time on myself.

I plan to detox during these holidays. I will write about that all separately.

I also plan to:

Finish my photo album (from our trip almost two years ago), Clean my house (a deep clean), work on my blog, update my online profiles for myself personally and for my blog personality, convert all mums videos to DVD, burn the videos from the camera to dvd (Anthea’s krevati and hens night etc), complete a home inventory list, do some cooking/baking, go shopping, read some books, catch up on some movies and of course…. rest.

Haha… I know. I am crazy for doing this to myself. But seriously these are all things that i really want to do. I need to get it done and it is either now or never.

I am going to write another article now…. and that will explain my detox!



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