My Detox Plan

There is no better time to detox than when im on holidays. Detox really does take up a lot of time and energy and you need to be completley prepared. If i am at work or if i am away from home it is just too difficult to eat when i am suppose to eat and exercise each day.

I want to detox my life. That include a diet detox, a body detox, a mind detox and a detox of my external environment.

Here are some of my rules:

The Diet Detox:

  • I want to eat clean food only.
  • I want to eat every 3 hours
  • I want to drink 2 ltrs of h20 every day
  • I want to eliminate meat, dairy, processed food, breads & pastas and sugars
  • I want to ensure i get the correct amount of calories & nutritional suppliments everyday
  • I only want to drink water, fresh juice and green tea. I can also drink coconut water and other forms of non black tea.
  • I want to drink hot water every morning with a teaspoon of manuka honey
  • I want to boost my diet with herbs such as sprialina, wheat grass, flaxseed and/or chia seeds. (but i need to learn about this stuff first)

The body detox:

  • I want to dry brush my skin each morning
  • I want to shower each morning with exfoliating gloves
  • I want to moisturise my body
  • I want to get a full body wax
  • I want to get a full body massage
  • I want to have a facial (either paid for or if i do it myself)
  • I want to complete my beauty routines each day
  • I want to avoid make up as much as possible
  • I want a pedicure and gel toes
  • I want to exercise every day
  • I want to strech everyday 

 Mind detox:

  • I want to do yoga every morning when i wake up
  • I want to meditate each day
  • I want to reflect on my day before i go to sleep at night
  • I want to complete the projects i have on my mind
  • I want to read some books to inspire me
  • I want to take some time to realx and enjoy each day

Detox my environment:

  • I want to deep clean my house


At the end of writing this list, i have realised that everything here is also in my ‘perfect day’. I aim to do all these things every day. Does that mean that i am constantly detoxing? I think that i am just trying to live a clean life. That the life i want is the life i have.

However, sometimes life gets in the way. Sometimes i have things that become a higher priority and sometimes i don’t get to do the things i want to do. That is why this ‘holiday’ or this ‘detox’ has been labeled as it is. Because i know that for the next two weeks that these things will become my top priority and that they will get done.


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