A Perfect Day

Scott Smith says that ‘if you have a perfect day every day then you can have a perfect life’. Not that i want to be a perfectionist (even though i know i actually am a perfectionist), its just that i want to do the things that i want to do.

You can change the words around to say that ‘if you are happy every day then you will have a happy life’.

Isn’t that what we all want?? A happy life? Happiness… is that the so called ‘purpose’ of life?

Well lets assume that the purpose to life is happiness. How do we achive this? How do we have a happy life?

For me it’s all about getting things done. If i think about my perfect day… it would include a list of things that i want to do throughtout the day – from the time i get up until the time i go to bed. If i get all these things done, then i am happy. But if i don’t… well then i fell really bad and in fact i feel like i have failed.

I think here is where the problem lies for me…

I think that there needs to be some kind of happy medium to this perfect day. Because instead of being happy… i feel like shit. Either one extreem or the other.

If i feel happy… the momentum gets going and i continue to have happy days. But as soon as one little thing fucks up my day ends up completley different and then i continue to have bad days.

It takes a lot of motivation to get me back to a happy day again but it is definetley worth it. A happy day is when i get things done. A happy day is when i acomplish everything i want to acomplish. A happy day is when i get one step closer to my happy life.

It is such a simple idea. I wish that life could be as simple as the idea…



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