The latest goss…

We have seen and done so many things over the last few weeks that its hard to remember everything. I don’t really feel like a tourist anymore so i often forget to take the camera with me but here is some of our latest goss:
We caught up with Anthea and Catherine Pippos for dinner and coffee while they were in London last weekend.
Freda has gone back to Brissy and im missing her heaps! Natalie has decided to stay in London for a while and has moved into a flat just down the road from us.
I found milo for sale in a coffee shop last week and i bought it as a special treat for us. The tin lasted about 2 days in our cupboard and i didn’t even get to have any.


We tried some of the yummy food at Portabello Rd markets.
I started my new job at Coffee Republic!
Mum, Dad, Anthea & Alex are planning a trip around Europe soon and we hope to meet up with them in Greece. We are also planning a few other trips but ill write more about that as soon as we have confirmation.

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