Freda’s Book

Freda and Nat are travelling on this side of the world at the moment and I am very excited about having them as guests on our couch. It has been great timing because I don’t have to work at the moment which means that I can do all the touristy stuff with them while they are here.


The other day we went to Convent Garden and you can see some pics in the new album I have just uploaded. And yesterday we walked around the West End to take pictures of Big Ben, The London Eye and take a stroll down Queens Walk. Look out for my next blog which will be titled ‘Queens Walk’. I have some cool videos of the very talented street performers that we donated a few pounds to.


Down the far end of Queens Walk we came across a book store selling lots of old second hand books about anything and everything. Freda randomly picked up one book had a look inside and amazingly found that the book was written especially for her…


Ok so the book wasn’t really written for Freda but it does have her name on the inside cover and that has to be one in a million. Freda bought the book…I’m not sure if she will actually ever read it but it is definitely a great souvenir. 


Here is a short interview I made with Freda:


And a couple of pics:




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