More on Paris…

As promised ages ago, I have some more stories to report about our trip to Paris.

We were in Paris for about 24 hours all together. It was technically two days and one night but if you take out the Eurostar travel there wasn’t must time left for sight seeing. I’m sure you have seen the pics by now and just from that im sure that you can imagine how much we fit in to just one little trip. We had a fantastic time except for the part when we got robbed…


Seriously, the streets of Paris are not a safe place for tourists. We were going for a stroll through the park next to the Effile Tower and these two african men walked up to us. They blocked our walkway and would not let us get past. One guy jumped on Nektarios and the other guy chased me. They were armed with coloured cotten and a decietful and very cheeky sales technique. They insisted that we put out our finger… yes… put out our finger and they would not let us walk past until we did it. Then they tied long pieces of coloured cotten around our fingers and started to make something out of it. Meanwhile we are still trying to get out and keep walking but unfortunatley it was too late. They got us and they got us good. We had to pay 15 euro which converts to about $30 (even after Nektarios bargined him down) for two wrist bands that i could have easily made myself. We walked away laughing. We got robbed. But then we though, at least it will be a funny story to tell people.

Here is a pic of our new (very expensive) jewlerry.

So what else do you do in Paris?

Well I took a quick trip over the border into AUSTRALIA.


This is a pic of a big add on the side of the building advertising Australia – ‘Where the bloddy hell are you?’

The second pic is of me inside the gates of the Australian Embassy. It was right next to our hotel lol.


I expected to see this umm other thing (not sure what it’s called) next to the toilet in Paris. It is inteded to be used to wash your bum after your go to the toilet and stuff. We didn’t use it but i think that Nektarios wanted to give it a go. Maybe next time.

Something to think about the next time you are sitting on the toilet: If you had shit on your face, would you feel cleaner if you wiped it off with toilet paper or if you washed it off with water? Naturally i would have to say water. There is no way that i would feel clean if I didn’t was my face properly… so why think that the European way is weird, funny or wrong?


No no, we didn’t actually eat Maccas in Paris but we did have to take a photo of the menu board. Zoom on this pic by clicking on it and you should see the famous ‘Quarter Pounder’ called ‘The Royal with Cheese’.


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