Living in London

 Right. So we are living in London “yeah”.
I have to sit back and laugh at myself sometime because i catch myself acting like a Londoner. I laugh at Nektarios too. He is worse than me. We have really strong Aussie accents but we have picked up the lingo without even realising it.
Here’s a crash course in London Lingo:
1. You say “yeah” at the end of every sentence
2. Brilliant… everything is bloody “brilliant” (but with out the bloody haha)
3. If you think someone is good looking, you say they are “fit”. For example, if Nektarios was describing me to a mate he would say “my girlfriend is really fit”.
4. Thongs are G-strings. Call them “flip-flops”
5. Pants are undies. Call them trousers. I leart this one the hard way. We were walking (in the rain) and my jeans got soaked. Once we got under cover i said (a little too loud) “my pants are soaking wet”. Everyone just staired at me like i was some kind of weirdo. Oops.
6. Zuccinis are Courgettes and Capsicums are Peppers
7. You must say dAAAAta not data, and every other word that has an A you must pronouce differetly like dAnce. If you say it any other way you get critisised for sounding like an American.
But it’s not just our vocab that is changing we are starting to act like Londoners too.
– We no longer wait for the green man when crossing the roads, it takes too long.
– We walk really fast where ever we are going, even if we are not in a rush.
– We wear business attire to work, everyday.
– We get pissed off when people don’t stand on the right or if they walk too slow in front of you.
– We jam into a full tube during peak hour every morning and every night to commute to and from work.
– We death stare other people in order to get to a spare seat on the tube, on the occasion that there is a spare seat.
– We read the paper on the tube.
– We pick up the TNT from the tube station religiously every Monday (it is a magazine esspecially for Aussies living in London).
– We complain about the price of the tube… and how it is sooo hot all the time.
– We feel like we live in a box.
– No no, scrap that… we feel like we live on the tube.
We are Lovin it!
Nektarios scored a great job. He is working as an operations manager for one of the biggest gyms in London. Well you wouldn’t actually call it a gym. It is more like a sports centre. They have a swimming pool and squash courts, they do indoor soccer and host events as well as all the usual gym classes and stuff. He is second in charge and he absolutly loves it. He gets free membership and access to all the facilities and he works with some really wonderful people. He even got a name badge:
I love my job as well! It is only four stops away from home (on the tube) and it is in the same street at Nektarios gym. I am a trainee recruitment consultant and i help pr agencies find pr people. It is mainly an admin job which means i get to sit in front of a computer all day and play on the websites. I work in an office with some faboulous people and best of all i get every weekend off, i finish early on Fridays and i can take time off for holidays.
We are so close to everything here in London. It will be really easy for us to take weekend trips away to different countries around Europe. And that’s the plan… as soon as we save enough money we are off again. A weekend trip to Brussles, Venice, Amsterdam and, well everywhere! Now that is what i call “Living in London”.

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