Quick Catch Up

It has been a very busy couple of weeks and i have been too busy to update the blog until now. In fact the only reason i have a chance to write today is because i am sick and can’t go to work. I have lost my voice, so it’s nothing serious but considering that half my job is to answer phones all day long, it is pointless for me to go to work. I have sooo much to catch up on…i don’t know where to start. You will notice that i have added four new photo albums:
1. London at Night
2. The National History Museum & The British Museum
3. Touring Paris
4. Effile Tower
My plan is to update the blog in this order also. It might take me a while but keep an eye out for some funny stories and new videos of our experiences.
That’s it for now.
I’m going back to bed to get some rest.

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