Some random pics…

Here are some random shots of things that we just have to take photos of:
As you already know, we don’t have TV or Internet at home and we have had to find other ways to stay occupied without spending too much money. Lucky for us, we have a Library just at the end of our street. We got a library card as soon as we could – i know that sounds so sad but it is actually pretty good. They have dvds, magazines, puzzles, free internet and heaps of books. Yeah yeah it’s lame, but at least it’s better than nothing.

ATM machines are so weird. Firstly, they are called ‘HOLE IN THE WALL’ and secondly you make deposits from them. Nobody ever goes into an actual bank, instead you just drop your cash off at the hole in the wall lol.
We just had to take a pic of this pub. At least they don’t have to water all the plants when it rains so much in London.
I don’t know if you can read this very well but the sign says ‘Humps for 300 yds’. Speed bumps here are called humps.

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