Preparing for Easter

Greek Easter is just around the corner so Nektarios and I thought we should check out our local Church. We walked for about an hour up High Street Kensington to find St Sophia which was the first “purpose built” Greek Orthodox Church. There was actually a service beginning just as we arrived so we went inside for a sneek peek. We didn’t take any pics because that would have been highly inappropriate but we will go back another day with our camera because the inside was unbelievably beautiful.
Here are just a couple of pics of the front entrance:
Just down the road from St Sophia is a street which is full of Greek shops. We saw taverna’s, markets, deli’s and even Oylimpic travel agents. It felt like we were in China Town or Little Italy, except Greek.
This Athenian Grocery store felt very traditional and had all the wonderful greek delicacies that we can not wait to buy (once we start earning some more cash). They had the coloured egg dye and we bought red and blue so that we can prepare for Easter 🙂

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