Culture Shock

Things are different on the other side of the world.

In the London supermarket (like woolies) you can buy your fruit, veges and meats and then eat straight away. In the vegie section there is a cafe that sells salads and juices. In the seafood and meat section there is a bar that cooks the fish and meats. This means you get supermarket prices but without the hassle of taking your groceries home and having to cook your own dinner.

The streets of London are really dirty and I can understand why. There are public toilets in the middle of the streets (yep that is a pic Nektarios and his mate Daniel doing their private business in public) and there are no wheelie bins. People (and shops) have to leave their garbage out on the streets for collection. So while we walk down the busy streets of london we have to skip hop and jump over the garbage bags and boxes that are just left out on the footpath. The broken garbage bags and everyones trash ends up all over the streets and into the rivers. Yuk.

The water pressure in Ireland is great. The shower taps have two knobs. One is for water pressure and the other is for water temperature. So you choose the temperature you like (mine is on 40 degrees) and leave it there. Next time you have a shower, you just turn on the pressure knob to what ever speed you like (mine is always full bull) and then you have hot water straight away. Very impressive!

In Ireland, there is more than just the red and the green man. The amber man in sort of like the amber traffic lights. If the amber man is on, hurry up and get to the other side of the street before it goes red. This is a complete waste of time because nobody follows the little walking man anyway. People just walk whenever they feel like it, regarless if there is a car (or a bus) coming. We are trying to do the right thing and always wait for the green man. But the green man takes sooooo long to pop up. We stand and wait for the intersections to cross over 3 times before it gets to us pedestrians. No wonder everyone just walks.

Nobody wears hats or sunnies over here. We are the only two people (seriously the only two) who you will see walking around with a hat or sunnies on. I get it, there is no sun and therefore no need but this is just a habbit that we are so used to.


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