"Free" internet access is hard to find and that means i don’t get time to reply to everyones emails and facebook comments and msn messages as often as i would like. Keep sending your messages because i love to read them and stay up to date with all the goss back home but please accept my apology for the lack of reply’s. Here are the answers to all of your ‘frequently asked questions".
1. How are you guys?
We are both really good! This is a completly new experience for both of us and although there are some challenges (like the phone) we are loving every minute of it. I caught the flu today and my nose has been running but i think it is just my body adjusting to the cold. Nektarios is loving the pubs over here and he has convinced me to drink beer with him everywhere we go.
2. Where are you now?
Right now i am sitting in the pub which is located on the ground floor of our hotel. Nektarios is drinking beer and watching the soccer… sorry, i mean football, and i am taking advantage of the free internet access.
We have just driven down (in a hire car) from Dublin to the second biggest city of Ireland known as Cork. From here we plan to drive around the Ring of Kerry and then up to Belfast which is the capital city of Northen Ireland. On Sunday we will be back in Dublin to return our car and fly to our new home in London.
3.  Hows the weather?
Suprisingly Ireland is much colder than London. It got down to 1 degrees early this morning and my body is finding it a little hard to adjust. I am wearing heaps of layers including, double socks, tights, jeans, singlet, long sleve top, jacket, scarf, beanie, gloves and i am still cold. The sun is always out in Ireland (except for the 3 minutes of hail we got today) but in London it is always dark, cloudy and rainy. So i think its really weird that i felt warmer in London.
4. What have you been doing?
We have been typical tourists doing all the stuff a tourist normally does. We walk around with our cameras, we stand in the middle of the street to read a map and we stop people to ask for directions.
In London, we took a ride on the London Eye and walked by all the landmark sites like the Houses of Parliment, Big Ben, The Abby, Trafalgar Square, The National Museam, Buckingham Palace and The Changing of the Guards. We walked through the St Sephens Park and watched the Queens Horses.
In Dublin we celebrated St Patties day in a typical Irish pub and made lots of new friends (American backpackers). Then we went to the Guinness factory and to Trinity College to see the Book of Kells. We walked around the medieval citys, vitisted St Patties Cathedral and St Patties Gardens and we have eaten in excellent little street cafes.
Today we drove to Kilkenny (Cill Chainnigh) on our way to Cork to see the Kilkenny Castle. This beautiful castle has history dating back to 1172 and we got some great pics. There wasn’t much else to see in this small town so we left straight after lunch (in a pub).
Cork is a lovely place. It looks and feels exactly like Dublin. We haven’t seen any ‘sights’ yet but we walked through the city at about 8.30pm last night trying to find some dinner. Everything was closed and none of the pubs were still cooking food. Apparently in Cork you are not allowed to serve food with alcohol late at night, yet all the pubs are open till 3am. Weird. 

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