First Day In London

Wow. What an amazing trip it has been. I’m not just talking about the flight from Brisbane to London, i am talking about this whole journey. The count down to leave went so quickly. It started with 6 months, then 6 weeks, then 6 sleeps, then only 6 hours to go, then it was only 6 minutes to boarding and before we knew it, just 6 minutes till landing.

All the preparation we did in the weeks that lead up to today has certainly paid off (and i’ll tell you why soon). Almost everything that could have gone wrong did but everything is ok… because we were prepared!

Thanks so much to all our family and friends who came to say good bye to us. We had drinks with some of our close friends at Dicies last Monday night and then we each spent time with family on Wednesday night. Thank you all for the advise, tips, phone calls, emails, messages and best wishes. We will keep you close to our hearts and we will remember to stay in touch… just make sure you keep checking back here for updates 🙂

Im sure some are you are still thinking “hurry up and tell us what went wrong”. Well nothing terribly seriouse but enough to get us a little stressed. Here is the list:

– Before we left Nektarios fragrance bottle broke inside his toiletries bag (it got cleaned up quickly).

– We got pulled aside in the bag checking area because (last minute) i put an umbrella into my backpack and it’s not allowed to on board (ah well no biggy).

– Just before we had to board, Nektarios needed to go to the toilet but the mens toilet was closed for cleaning (he just waited a while and then snuck into the other one).

– Our seats on the first plane were all the way up the back (which i actually liked because i could get up and move around) which ment that we got served our food last. Nektarios hadn’t eaten anything so he was starving. (Luckily i had lots of lollies, thanks lens and markella).

– (On the first plane) Nektarios entertainment system didn’t work. He had to hit the remote controll everytime he needed to do anything. He was very frustrated.

– On our second plane we were allocated to a three seater area and there was an old lady sitting next to us blocking the asile. We both felt bad asking her to move all the every time we wanted to get up so we were stuck in our squashed little corner for a very long time.

– (On the second plane) My entertainment system didn’t work. (Luckily i had a heap of magazines, thanks anthea).

– Our hotel room was double booked. So we had to find somewhere else to sleep. Almost every backpackers was fully booked. We ended up going to a little cafe to sit down and figure out what to do. Luckily, i had my laptop and the cafe had wifi. We were able to track down a cheap hotel immediately and then we went back on the tube, with all our bags to a new place.

– The camera and the laptop batteries died. I had a power adaptor, in fact i have 2 adaptors and a power board (thanks kathleen) but they are both for Europe and don’t work in the UK. So we went on a mission to find a new one here.

– Both of us got really tired from jet lag (and carting our bags around) so it’s our first Friday night in London and we are in our hotel asleep.

That’s about it. See, not so bad.

We had a safe trip and we now have a very nice place to stay and tomorrow we will be well rested and ready to take on the sites!

I still can’t believe we’re in London.



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