4 Weeks To Go!

It has been almost one month since my last post and i can not believe how quick time is flying by! Wow… there is only 4 weeks to go 🙂

Nektarios and i decided a couple of things today:

Firstly – we are NOT going to live in London.
We have heard so many comments about London and the fact that it is super expensive. It is going to cost heaps of money to rent an appartment and actually live in London. We don’t really need to live in the city we just said that because that’s what everybody else does when they go to the ‘UK’.

We have UK visas and we can live anywhere in the UK. So we think it is best to live somewhere that is livable! Here is a link to a great forum we got some hints from.

The most livable places include:
1. Brighton
2. Leeds
3. Newcastle

Secondly – we want to spend St Patricks Day in Ireland.
This will mean travelling to Ireland just two days after landing in London. Crazy right? Well it’s St Patties day and where else to be but Ireland. So now we are planning all the details, flights, accomodation and everything else. I just hope that two days in London will be enough time to see all the sites.

How exciting!


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