Amateur Traveller: The French Riviera

I found a new podcast which is sounding very informative and easy to listen to:

Here are some notes i got about the French Riviera:
Amateur Traveller:
The French Riviera: known where to go to see and be seen; lay on the beaches. The beaches…

Cannes: Cannes film festival; shopping is great; old hotels; many beaches at Cannes are private beaches and you can hire a place with a private waiter. Sandy beaches but very small and sandy. Swimwear: on the French Riviera are topless women and speedos for men.

Antibes: beach; shopping; cafes; exploring the alleyways trying to find the towers. IV covered buildings; hidden churches; marketplace on the other side of town; beautiful to take pictures.

Monaco: a separate country; royal family; casino; strict dress code; nice dress and suit and tie. Changing of the guard in Monaco. Prince of Palady. Not a poor town…just look at the yachts. Twisty passages; the acropolis; old town that looks like a fairy tale kingdom; grace Kelly married into the royal family who died by having a stroke while driving and fell down the mountainside. Princess Grace Parcourse.

Founded by the Greeks – Given to the French by the Italians. Lots of Italian influence especially with the food. Calzone (raw egg inside) or 4 cheese pizza where one of the cheeses is brie – interesting mixes. (try Pana chocolate and croissants)
Stoney beach that looks like river stones… no sandy beaches or pebble beaches. Not very nice. Warm water. The old city comes alive at night; bands in the park, street performers etc. Use Nice as a home base when travelling through the French Riviera.

In Europe:
“Get the smallest car possible because of sharp corners and small car spaces”

To Do:
Listen to the Show on international driving…
Rick Steves Guide to Driving in Europe and Eurorail… (


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