A Year In Europe Podcast: Amsterdam

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Grab A Heine, originally uploaded by amp26.

Notes from A Year In Europe Podcast:

– “Coffee Shops”
– Red Light District
– Heineken Factory: http://www.hienikin.com(Like visiting duff beer with Homer Simpson)
– New Library (Free) great architecture, lighting, waterfront area, very futuristic
– Anna Frank: go at night because there are massive lines during the day: it takes a couple of hours…at least one hour.
– Dutch Resistance museum, amazing displays about WWII
– Hire a bike and ride around the whole city
– BMW’s giveway to bicycles
– Van Goff Museum
– Sex Museum
– The Lord in the Addict: Catholic church built when the catholic church was illegal in the Netherlands: the church is upstairs: amazing engineering.
– The Nightwathc
– Avrivril
– The Girl with the pearl earring
– Amsterdam is very expensive
– Coffee and Apple Pie is cheap
– Toasties are cheap
– Try Dutch pancakes
– Go to the local fish markets
– Take a train ride to Harlem from Amsterdam
– Vincent Van Gouge & Hieronymus Bosch started out in the Netherlands
– Same sex marriage, euthanasia are legal – very liberal and progressive approaches to social issues
– Queen: Constitutional Monarchy: Queens Day 30 April
– May: windmill…open garden days
– Flower Parade in September
– Cannabis Cup in November http://www.hightimes.com (weed expo in Amsterdam)
– Go to Delft: an hour away by train
– Try strip waffles: thin waffles with caramel inside


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