Things to try before you die in the UK

This is the list of things i copied from that TV program Things To Try Before You Die. I was looking forward to this episode for ages and then we were both a little disappointed with the top 30. I wonder how many of these things we will actually try…

30. James Bond – Spy Training $500 (weapons training/car stunts)
29. The London Eye
28. Royal Church – The Abby
27. Big Ben (the bell)
26. Oxford University (out of London)
25. Buckingham Palace and watch the changing of the guards
24. Home of Shakespear (day trip)
23. Mumbles
22. Bath in Bath – hours west of London
21. Formulla One Racing: race at Silverstone
20. Collain Castel (Scotland) spend a night in a haunted castel
19. Lords in London – cricket (ashes meuseam)
18. Tennis – Wimbelton (eat strawberries and cream)
17. Soccer match
16. St Andrews golf course in Scotland
15. Sing with the choir
14. Liverpool – Beatles tours
13. Rock to Manchester bands
12. West End play (musicals)
11. Have a pint in the pub
10. Swim to France (English Channel)
9. High tea @ barkley hotel
8. York – medieval place with pubs and churches
7. ?
6. Chatsworth – Pride & Predjidice
5. Go to Scottland, eat haggis and blow bagpipes
4. Lockness monster
3. Stonehedge collums
2. Home of Princess Di (her graveyard)
1. Acrobatic flight around the countryside


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