Townsville for a Store Opening

Well I’m in Townsville at the moment for work and i’m living in this crappy little shack that doesn’t even have a phone line so I can’t even dial up to the internet. So I have been offline for an entire week which completely sucks and right now I am sitting at Macca’s because it is the only place where I can get a hot spot. It took me forever to work out how to connect but finally I am online woohoo!

I have been working crazy hours and I am so tired. My team wanted to go out clubbing last night, so we did. We went to this bar called Mad Cow and then to The Bank. I met this cool chick called Danny who was a cousin of one of the Crusty Demons. The Crusty Demons were at our shopping centre on Thursday night and then at The Bank last night so that was pretty cool…  that is if you even know who Crusty Demons are lol. I didn’t know till I got to Townsville.

Here everyone loves the Crustys… and everyone loves the Cowboys. Footy is huge here so you can just imagine what State of Origin night was like.  I have attached some pics of our night out at The Bank.. and the cool Crustys chick with the hat!


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