Everyone is getting married! I have just uploaded the pics from Praneeta’s wedding and now I’m about to get ready for Nicola and Jeff’s wedding. I love weddings they are so beautiful… I just can’t wait till I have my own.
Praneeta’s wedding was absolutely beautiful. I have never been to an Indian wedding before so it was just so exciting to be a part of it. During the ceremony Praneeta had to do all these little things like walk seven steps and drink something and say all these Indian phrases. I was so interested to find out what it all ment but when I asked around nobody else could tell me what it all ment either… then I started to think about our Greek Weddings. I don’t really know what all the traditions mean either. So im making it my goal to find out the meanings and histories of the Greek wedding traditions before I have my own wedding…maybe ill ask around today at Nicolas…

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