Coffs Harbour

I haven’t had internet connection for about 2 weeks because i have been in coffs doing a store opening. It has taken me over an hour to check all my emails…and thats just checking them i haven’t even replied to anyone yet. So im really sorry if you have sent me an email and im taking forever to reply back, but i promise i will write back as soon as i can.
Coffs was so exausting. I worked 110 hours in 10 days. Thats a lot of hours which doesn’t include all the work and planning i was doing back at the unit each night. But i did have heaps of fun. Belinda and Sam were great and everyone from Coffs were really nice! Everyone except our hotel management of course….
The hotel we stayed in was suppose to be a four star hotel except it was right next to train tracks and opposite a brothel. Number 19 Orlando Drive, the brothel was called with girls who looked like they were much younger than 18. We spent long hours sitting on our varander with bottles of wine watching and laughing at the people walking in and out haha… not because we are sticky beaks but because there was absolutly nothing else to do in Coffs. Everything closes so early. You can’t get anything to eat (except McDonalds) after 9pm. There is no where to go for coffee (except the coffee club) and it was raining the entire time so we couldn’t even go to the beach.
But like they say, its the people who make your time exciting and i definetly enjoyed spending time with my team and my new friends! Im gonna miss everyone…
Next store opening is Sydney! woohoo!

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