Prac Teaching

I’m on my first teaching prac and it is so exciting. The school is such a wonderful school to be starting off at. All of the teaching staff are really friendly and they go out of their way to help me with absolutely everything such as working the photocopier and getting to learn the students names. The kids are great as well. I just can’t get over the fact that they call me Miss Mavris. That is so weird to get use to.

I am a part of three subjects. Grade 9 Business and the Sharemarket; Grade 10 Business and Commerce; and Grade 11 Accounting. I am also observing Grade 11 Economics and Grade 12 BCT.

Tomorrow is my first actual teaching experience. I will be getting up in front of the class to teach grade 9 all about the sharemarket and what the PR Ratio means. It’s all a bit tricky considering that I didn’t know what the PE Ratio meant until yesterday, but I think I have it down packed by now. I came up with some ideas and I showed my supervising teacher for some feedback. He really liked it and that’s why he is giving me his class tomorrow. So it’s all a bit nerve-racking. I can plan really well but getting up in front of the class is a whole other ball game.


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