Not my Easter

Well its Easter Sunday but its not really Easter for me yet. Greek Easter is next month so i have to wait a little while before i eat all those chocolates. I am using these few days to get myself ready for prac. I am so excited. I can believe im going to be a teacher!

I planed to go shopping today and get a new wardrobe of prac clothes but the damn shopping centre was closed. Ah well ill have to wait till tomorrow. I did buy a journal though. Its really nice with Buddah on the cover and plain white pages so i can stick in photos and draw pics.

I plan to write everything i learn in my journal… they say a good teacher is a reflective teacher and i want to be a good teacher! Plus ive kept a journal my whole life. Now i am writing online… its all a bit strange but i think im starting to like it better than my pen and paper journal.


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